2008 Edith Stein Bibliography

Compiled by
Sarah Borden & Kevin Jones

We offer this bibliography as an aid and help for those interested in Edith Stein’s work. We have tried to include a fairly comprehensive list of works on her life and thought – not differentiating popular and academic works. When possible, we italicized (rather than underlined) pamphlets or works of a fairly short length.

 Compiling a bibliography requires a great deal of help and reliance on other sources – this reality makes us mindful that there are many we should acknowledge, and among those we want most to mention are John Wilcox of the Edith Stein Center for Study and Research at Spalding University in Louisville, KY; Marianne Sawicki; Fr. Michael Linssen at the Archivum Carmelitanum Edith Stein and the Würzburg monastery’s Biblioteca Carmelitana; Sr. Waltraud Herbstrith and her help at the Edith-Stein-Karmel in Tübingen; Ilse Kerremans; Fr. John Sullivan; and Fr. Alejandro Bertolini. There are numerous sources we have drawn from, and we fear that at this point there are too many to list by name. Our gratitude to all who have contributed.

 We fear there are errors and omissions in the bibliography, and while we have tried to be as accurate and as thorough as possible, oversights still remain. Corrections and additions would be welcome. Feel free to contact us with such information at Sarah.R.Borden@wheaton.edu.


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